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Japanese Translation / Japanese Typesetting. Looking for a service that can provide both Japanese translation and Japanese typesetting? A company that has a variety of Japanese fonts plus exceptional translation and typesetting people? A company that can turn your project into Japanese quickly and at a moderate price? Look no further.

Foreign Ink Ltd. offers

  • English-to-Japanese translation
  • Japanese typesetting
  • Japanese localization
  • Japanese-to-English translation

Japanese Translation

Foreign Ink Ltd. specializes in Japanese translation. We also do Japanese software localization. Our translators include a Japanese medical doctor in Tokyo, a Japanese engineer in Minnesota and a Japanese journalist in California. We use only native Japanese speakers to do Japanese translation.

We will translate your material to standard Japanese and submit it to you for review. We will also accept material that has been translated to Japanese by your own language resources.

Japanese Typesetting

Foreign Ink Ltd. is one of the top Japanese translation & Japanese typesetting houses in the United States. Once the Japanese translation is approved, we will typeset it to your exact DTP specifications. Since Foreign Ink does all typesetting inhouse, we offer a quick turnaround.

We have a good selection of high-quality Japanese fonts and provide hi-res hardcopy and EPS or PDF files that you can print with no need for Japanese fonts.

Japanese Localization

We can also provide JIS-encoded Japanese files for Windows and Macintosh compilers or website localization. Should you wish, we will review your Japanese website once you have it up and running.

So when you have material to translate to Japanese and typeset, contact the DTP experts at Foreign Ink Ltd.

For further information about our Japanese translation services, contact us

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