Why do I need Typesetting?

You may have done the layout of your English material in MS Word. That is the software that most translators work in. They use a localized version of Word that allows them to type the language they are translating to. However, few translators have the skills necessary to do the actual typesetting. Plus they rarely have the software needed to produce a file that you can use with no need for Asian fonts. And unless you have the correct localized version of Word, you will not be able to do anything with a translator's Word file.

You may also have done the layout of your English material in a professional typesetting program such as InDesign or Illustrator. The localized versions of those programs are much easier to do Asian typesetting in. Foreign Ink works in those programs to produce double-byte materials that closely reflect your original English layout. With our good selection of fonts, we are then able to provide you with Illustrator EPS graphic files or PDF files that you can use through your normal print channels with no need for Asian software or fonts.

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